Screenshot of TWEX: Investors manage and transfer private equity at their fingertips. The app manages corporate housekeeping like shareholder documentation and board meetings.

Digital shares and corporate housekeeping

TWEX® is the next step in the evolution of corporate finance

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Ease your corporate housekeeping with TWEX® - whether you are an investment company, an SME or a startup!

Investment Companies

TWEX® simplifies your corporate governance regulations through automated processes on the blockchain. Furthermore, TWEX® provides one communication channel via app, which allows remote resolutions.


Grow with TWEX®! TWEX® accompanies your company in every phase of development and guarantees legally compliant issuance and transfer of ledger-based securities, location-independent and time-efficient reconciliations.


Hold your AGMs cost-effectively with the efficient and compliant solution and leverage TWEX®'s blockchain-based corporate governance solutions.


Succession arrangements

Are you having a hard time planning your succession arrangement? Do you have all the necessary documents for the sale at hand? With the TWEX® app, you receive all the necessary and updated documentation with one click. This is the prerequisite for a successful sale or transfer of your company.


Buy and sell your ledger based securities/shares on a blockchain based marketplace (in progress).

White Labeling Service

TWEX® offers an optimal and customized solution for your customers to make corporate housekeeping compliant and efficient. Our service can be easily integrated in the financial sector, fiduciary sector or law sector.

TWEX® is powerful!

TWEX® is an all-in-one corporate governance solution for companies at any stage of development.

With TWEX®, you work not only legally compliant and legally valid but also location independent. You can use the following functions on the TWEX® app:

Issuance and transfer of leger-based securities / shares

  • Legal issuance of financial instruments
  • Distribution of voting rights
  • Transfer of uncertificated securities
  • In-app approval for restricted shares

Digital share and beneficial owner registry

Keep your share register digitally and always fully updated:

  • Share register automatically updated with every transaction
  • Complete title chain report and cap table
  • Integrated beneficial owner reporting
  • Full transparency through block chain recording for every transaction

Digital General Assembly

Easy and location-independent execution of the general assembly:

  • Cost-efficient organisation of the entire AGM
  • Templates for most frequently used agenda items
  • One-click-invitations to all shareholders
  • On-chain voting with different attendants and passing quorums for each agenda item
  • Agenda-items added on the fly
  • Digital signing of the minutes of the general assembly

Corporate Actions

Perform corporate actions easily and increase your market value at the same time

  • Efficient handling of capital increases
  • Conversions and splits
  • Dividend payments (coming soon)

Digital board meetings and resolutions

Conduct your board meetings digitally:

  • Board decisions can be taken by meetings or resolutions
  • Resolutions on restricted shares
  • Templates for the most frequently used agenda items

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Peace of Mind


  • Shareholder’s registry, Cap Table
  • Shareholder’s registry, Cap Table
  • Corporate Governance
  • Shareholder’s registry, Cap Table
  • Corporate Governance
  • Advanced Financing


Basic Financial Instruments




Advanced Financial Instruments


Ownership reporting

Shareholder Meetings


Board Meetings & Resolutions




Independent, efficient, secure

Our blockchain is operated by the international and independent Swiss Trustnet International.  Additionally, international node operators and validators ensure efficient and independent operation.  Finally, our on-chain governance guarantees your data privacy, which is supported by the generic platform of trustwise.



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